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Podcamp Halifax 2009 is the OLD Podcamp.  

You want Podcamp Halifax 2010 


(But there's still some interesting historical information here, so we're keeping it up.)


Main Website & Blog: Podcamp Halifax 2009

Location: The Alderney Gate Library

View Larger Map


Date: Sunday, January 25th, 2009.

Time: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.   Doors open at 8:30 a.m.



Blogger Badges:


For all of you blogging and/or coming or just want to show some Podcamp Halifax pride.

Just download and embed with a link to http://podcamphalifax.ca.





Twitter Tags:

For all the twitter tweeps attending/listening in, if you can tag tweets with








that would be great for tracking adn helping other find out what's going on.  We are also listed as @podcamphalifax on twitter.



Tweetup Sat PM:


Sat PM at Celtic Corner Dart. 7:30 PM.  Map





As of Jan 16 2009 are now at full registration.


If you want to be placed on a waiting list please email us to be notified if a spot becomes availible.



Let people know you are coming! Add your name to this page: 



Final Programme:

 There's also a typed up programme in .pdf format!




1st Floor Library


2nd Floor Library


3rd Floor


Alderney Landing






Lounge Area 1



Lounge Area 2



Helen Creighton



Maxine Tynes



“Bunny Slope”



Board Room






8:30 am Registration and networking time.

Introduction and Framing of the Day with Carman Pirie


9:15 am


Hal Richman




Convergence of Social and Business Networking



Dan Robichaud







Le Geopositionnment


Graeme Spicer




Podcasting 101



Joel Kelly


 Unfriend Someone Today



David Emmett




What is Social Media?



Mark Szpakowski




Open Money







Nutrition Break (refreshments provided)


10:15 am


Sera Thompson, Tracy Boyer, Joanne Macrae




the hub: blending virtual and live community for better work-life



Duane Forrester




How to Make Money with Your Blog







John Gunn & Harold Jarche




Grassroots Community Building through Social Networks











A Surprise Presentation (TBA on Thursday)




David Fraser




Legal Issues in Social Media


Giles Crouch




The State of Social Media in



Atlantic Canada by MediaBadger





11:00 am


William Lachance




OpenStreetMap: Maps for the Masses



Chris Campbell




Small, Specific, Real:  Storytelling



Jeff White


Does Design Even Matter Anymore?



Stephane Lagrange




Online Monetization Models and How to Market Them



Alison Ambi




Feed Readers and Podcatchers



John Sheridan




Social Media for Non-profits and Special Causes



Dean Casavechia




Putting a value on your service - building a portfolio and clients





Lunch (See list of local restaurants)


Here are some restaurant suggestions:

- Celtic Corner (Irish Pub Fare - across the Street from the Library)

- Ducky's on the Waterfront (1st Floor of Alderney Landing - lunch place with view of the Waterfront)





Andrew Baron’s Keynote in the Alderney Landing Theatre




Nutrition Break (refreshments provided)








[Cake Decorating]


Dan Robichaud




Not All Pirates Download Music





Jean Spicer




Professional Communications in a Social Media World


Craig Moore




Video on the web





Eden Spodek and Connie Crosby panel and final framing Alderney Landing Theatre


Community Wrap-Up (slides)







If your a CFA (come from away for all you non-Maritimers), need some cool digs and a want a side opportunity to do some extra networking well:


Adopt a Podcamper!



Call For Presentations:


At a podcamp, anyone is allowed to present on any topic they wish so long as it is social media related. The only limitation is time and space. To include your presentation, add your name, the title of your presentation and any technical requirements you need to the appropriate timeslot and space in the table/matrix.


Some suggestions:


  • The best presentations are always the ones that encourage the audience to speak more than the presenter. Attendees will be actively encouraged to use the Law of Two Feet.
  • If you want to elaborate on the title of your presentation, why not write a blog post and link to it? It will increase traffic to your blog and give people an idea of who you are and how you think.
  • If spaces are filling up, and you still want to present -- let Ryan know about it. We have plenty of rooms to expand the podcamp as numbers grow.
  • The "Library Lounge" is a flexible space with moveable chairs (and comfortable seating). It can be larger than the stated limits if necessary.


  •   Creighton Room (90 people max) [video] Tynes Room (25 people) [video] Library Lounge 1 (15-25 people, informal atmosphere) [ video ] Board Room (25 people, more formal atmosphere + a deck which will be snowy) [video] Library Lounge 2 (15-25 people, informal atmosphere) [video] Alderney Landing Theatre (Proscenium stage 100+ people) The Bunny Slope (for newbies) 5-10 people
    (45 Minutes Morning)

    Graeme Spicer

    Podcasting 101: or how I learned to stop worrying and love GarageBand

    When I volunteered to take on a dormant podcast project for a non-profit group, I thought "how hard could this be?" Naivety will kill you every time. This entry level presentation will trace my podcasting journey to date; including group discussion around software, hardware, server/publishing, and content issues.

    LCD projector

    Joel Kelly

    "Unfriend Someone Today:

    How and why you should unfriend, unfollow, or maintain your social network contacts."

    LCD Projector/internet connection


    Hal Richman

    Convergence of Social and Business Networking


    report on various surveys and discussions on the FB group I have been running on this topic (3 invites and now over 1050 members) - lots of good feedback from people around the world


    This is NOT a "gee wiz" session - despite what  "experts" say, I am not clear about the linkage of "social" and "business" and wonder at times if there should be a linkage


    Really interested in what others have to say about this - short presentation and then discussion


    Tech Needs:

    LCD Projector, Internet Connection


    Mark Szpakowski

    Open Money

    Money is the original social software, is not value neutral, and especially with severe bugs evident in our financial systems, is just dying for a mashup of complementary currencies with internet and mobile software to form open money. For example: reframe the dire looming health care financial crunch with health dollars, while promoting regionalism. This is our chance to have Nova Scotia take the lead!


    Tech Needs: LCD Projector/WiFI

    Dan Robichaud (Bio)



    Le Géopositionnement -- Pour une 

    allocation optimale de vos resources

     sur Internet


    LCD Projector Internet Connection



    Not Available

    David Emmett


    What is Social Media?


    Quick and dirty answers to the following questions: "what is a blog or podcast?" "what is a wiki?" "what use are Twitter and Facebook?" plus an opportunity to chat about what is changing on the internet and why.

    LCD projector + internet connection.

    (45 Minutes morning)

    Lisa Rousseau


    Grassroots community building through social media

    Bypassing distance and agendas: building community from the bottom up in New Brunswick. How we brought NB cities together as a combined community through social media. We started with Third Tuesday NB, now through twitter and other venues, we're bringing people and ideas together which could help NB become more sustainable.


    LCD Projector/internet connection/people/ideas 


    Jazmine Hayden (yazmina@gmail.com) & Maria McGowan (maria.mcgowan@gmail.com)


    Social Media & Nova Scotia Tourism

    Blogging, forums, facebook and beyond - Insight into Nova Scotia Tourism's 2008 social media efforts and 2009 plans


    LCD Projector/internet connection

    Sera Thompson, Tracy Boyer & Joanne Macrae


    the hub: blending virtual and live community for better work-life. **


    We are creating an environment for people with good ideas to make them happen in Halifax. The real-live interaction of sharing an office blended with unlimited options for social media.



    Flip chart, markers, internet connection, LCD projector or monitor display


    David Fraser


    Legal issues in social media


    Web 2.0 and social media both present new legal issues and highlight existing internet law problems. This session will provide an overview of legal issues in social media and provide an opportunity to learn about managing legal risks on the new frontier.


    LCD Projector.

    Duane Forrester


    How To Make Money With Your Blog


     Adapted from a presentation I did in Las vegas last Oct. at the DMA conference, this session will touch on highlights of building, managing and monetizing a blog (or website). 


    Originally developed as my first book, the 'cleverly' titled 200+ page book was originally written to appeal to those new to blogging and looking for insight into a reasonable path of developing their blog to be more than simply an online personal diary.


    Even if you are not interested in monetizing your space online, I'll cover what's important for general search optimization, which can help increase your readership.


    LCD Projector, please

    Giles Crouch__


    The State of Social Media in

    Atlantic Canada by MediaBadger


    An overview of the Social Media "market" in Atlantic Canada; an in depth look at who's using Social Media, growth of blogs, key bloggers/Twitterers, growing use by citizens, demographics and psychographics and a discussion of how we all think Social Media might impact our region.


    Projector and screen for flashy stats

    Your Name

    Your session information

    Your technical requirements

    45 Minutes Aft.

    Jeff White

    Does Design Even Matter any More?

        • **


    In the age of social media and easily accessible pre-packaged website solutions, why on earth do we still need interface designers and usability experts? This is intended to be a discussion on the value of design in a market that has commoditized the practice.

    LCD Projector/internet connection

    Stephane Lagrange

    Online monetization models & how to market them


    I want to make this session more about you and your online business ideas than about the theory of monetization models. So come and pitch your ideas to the crowd and let's brainstorm together and take your business to the next level.

    LCD Projector/internet connection/enthusiasm

    William Lachance


    ~OpenStreetMap: Maps for the Masses


    OpenStreetMap is a collaboratively produced map of the whole world (think: Wikipedia for maps). Unlike Google Maps, OpenStreetMap data is freely available for any possible use under a CC license. Up to now, OpenStreetMap coverage of the HRM has been spotty outside of peninsular Halifax. I'm going to try to help change that by evangelizing the project, showing how easy it is to get involved, and giving a demonstration of some of the amazing geospatial applications that open mapping data makes possible right here in the HRM.

    My aim is to make this an interactive session after a brief (5-10 min?) shpiel. I want to get as many people mapping as possible!



    Required: LCD Projector, WIFI.




    Social Media for Non-Profits and Special Causes

        • **



    While the overwhelming focus and glamour of Social Media is currently dominated by for-profit organizations, non-profit and special causes are also real beneficiaries of this phenomena.




    This interactive talk will provide examples of successful campaigns for awareness, advocacy, fundraising, inspiration, and influence. You will take away principles and techniques that you can start to use right away.


    LCD Projector/WiFi/Streaming Video


    Chris Campbell


    Small, Specific, and Real


    Telling stories that people want to see and hear. Lets share stories and ways to make them compelling.



    Flip chart / markers

    people and stories



    Dean Casavechia


    Putting a value on your service - building a portfolio and clients


    For designers, writers and photographers (anyone working freelance)


    Is there a time, place, cause or client that working for free is appropriate. Who is in control of the value of your work? Is “it’s just for web use” a reason to give it away? At your current pricing is it costing you to go to work? Digital media is changing the market place. You need to look forward, your business model will need to adapt to the changes in your client base.


    LCD projector

    Alison Ambi


    Feed Readers and Podcatchers


    An introduction to popular tools for managing your social media subscriptions. Possibly a hands-on component.


    LCD projector, internet connection (might bring a few extra laptops for participants)











    (45 Minutes)



    (ok. It's not social media related, it's a library program -- but hey, there will be cake decorating!)

    Craig Moore


    "Video on the web. What do you want to know?"


        • Q&A
        • podcasting
        • online resources
        • uploading
        • distribution
        • strategy
        • business uses
        • how to make your own show
        • how become a web superstar!
        • viral video


    -You name it and we all will try to answer it.



    Flip chart, markers, internet connection, LCD projector or monitor display, YouTube superstars in waiting.

    Jean Spicer


    Professional Communications in a Social Media World – “How do we convert traditional methods into social media best practices?”


    This session will be facilitated by Jean Spicer, a communications professional with over 14 years experience specializing in public relations, corporate communications, public education and community involvement.


    Join Jean for a discussion about traditional communications methods (targeting both internal and external audiences) and how they have / will change based on social media best practices.


    Jean is on the path to learn more about social media, better enabling her to provide sound advise to her clients on how to utilize these new exciting tools with confidence as part of organizational communications plans and strategies.


    Do you also want to learn and share your experiences? Join us!

    Your Name

    Title of Presentation

    Technical Requirements

    Dan Robichaud (Bio)


    Not All Pirates Download Music!

    A discussion that will present Geolocation SEO tricks and tips including the Halifax Regional C@P Association's Geocoin Initiative.



    This presentation is intented for community groups, business, municipalities and governments who are interested in expanding their online footprint.


    LCD Projector Internet Connection

    Your Name

    Title of Presentation

    Technical Requirements

    Ryan Deschamps 



    What Can You Steal Online for Your Blog or Podcast? (Creative Commons, copyright and content)



    You need to find photos, music and other content to support the ideas and themes of your blog. I know where to find some free content that can help. Do you know more?


    Flip Chart, markers and scratch paper








    What is a Podcamp?


    A podcamp is a unconference, focussed on social media such as blogs, wikis, podcasting and online video. The goal is to have an open, participatory, user-generated series of workshops. The people who attend are the presenters. Related topics include open space an World Cafe.


    If that doesn't fill you in, then maybe you should contact Ryan \"The Other Librarian\" Deschamps about this project. He'll give you an explanation. He also has the key to edit the wiki. Only spammers will be shunned!




    Who's coming?


    List your deets here





    News and Rumours


     PR: wait...  I: wait...  L: wait...  LD: wait...  I: wait... wait...  Rank: wait...  Traffic: wait...  Price: wait...  C: wait...

    We are now listed on the main Podcamp wiki page here.


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